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Ensemble saXas

The ensemble "saXas" was founded in 1998 to perform contemporary works. The number
of players is variable, the original formation consisting of four saxophones. With
this basis, any combination with other instruments is possible.
The saxophonists of "saXas" are Guy Goethals, Nadine Kauffmann, Olivier Sliepen and
Roland Schneider. Guy Goethals studied with Roger Meis and Roland Hensgen in
Luxembourg and with François Daneels in Brussels. He won the "Tenuto" competition for
young soloists held by the Belgian Television and teaches at the Luxembourg Conservatory.
Nadine Kauffmann studied with Guy Goethals in Luxembourg, with Arno Bonkamp and Johan
Van Der Linden in Enschede, with Alain Crépin in Brussels and with Philippe Geis in
Strasbourg. She was awarded the first prize in the European Music Competition for Youth in
1995. She teaches at the Conservatory in Esch-sur-Alzette and together with percussionist
Pascal Schumacher, forms the Duo Interchange. Olivier Sliepen studied with Guy Goethals in
Luxembourg and with Arno Bonkamp in Amsterdam. He won the first prize in the European
Music Competition for Youth in l995 in the "Junior" category and in the "3rd International
Gustav Bumcke Saxophone Competition". Roland Schneider studied with Guy Goethals in
Luxembourg and with Albert Tyssens in Liege. He's a teacher at the Ettelbruck Conservatory.
The percussionist Pascal Schumacher studied with Paul Mootz in Luxembourg and with
Denis Riedinger, Emmanuel Séjourné and Guy Frisch in Strasbourg. In 1998, he won the IKB
Youth Prize. He is a member of the percussion duo Perduo and of the Duo Interchange.
Maurizio Spiridigliozzi started to play the accordeon with his father, then studied at the
Conservatories of Luxembourg, of Saarbrücken with Eugen Tschanun and finally at the
Folkwang-Hochschule in Duisburg with Mie Miki where he gained a diploma with distinction.